About Now or Never

It was on a Saturday morning in 2013 that Chris was laying in bed thinking about the biggest leap of faith yet that God was leading him to make. It was at that moment that God spoke to him and said “Now Or Never, and this would be the birthing of the Now Or Never Kingdom Movement.” Since that moment, our life motto has been and will continue to be “It’s Now Or Never!”

Now Or Never is simply about those moments in life when you become aware that God is calling you to YOUR life of relationship, destiny, and greatness in Him and you realize that you have to make the “Now Or Never” decision to trust and follow his plan. Your decision to act on that call will dictate your destiny.  We have been faced with many of those moments and will be faced with many more & without question we believe in seizing the opportunities when The Father presents them!

Some examples of a “Now Or Never Moment” could be God challenging you to start a business, start a ministry, go back to school, walk away from a job, become a better person, parent and/or spouse, to publish a book/CD, to pursue a new and different career, and so much more. It’s not just limited to church, without a doubt, it includes ALL areas of life. A “Now Or Never” life will require faith, accountability, sacrifice, work, serving, and a relationship with God while being led by Holy Spirit.

Will you make the “Now Or Never” decision to trust and follow God into your place of purpose, promise, and prosperity?

There simply is no better time than the present to make a “NOW OR NEVER” decision! JOIN US ON THE JOURNEY!

Now Or Never Messages