Now Or Never
Prophet Chris Watts

Chris Watts is a prophetic voice to the atmosphere of any venue that he enters. Humbled by the authority of God that rest in him, he brings the unadulterated word of God with power, authentic enthusiasm and obedience to his call as a messenger of the Most High Father Yawheh. His relationship with Jesus The Christ is solid and unwavering!

Chris became an ordained minister of the gospel in 2011, under the ministry of Anthony Andrews, senior pastor of Kingdom Agenda International Ministry, and has been a student of the word since his teen years.

His core message is that of PURPOSE, POSITION & FAITH and is always quoted saying, “God is EVERYTHING and with God ALL things are possible!”

His passion and desire is to see Gods manifested glory operate through His people. Chris daily labors before the Lord in prayer, study and practical application of the word, so that he is able to transfer what he receives from the throne of God with the people who need to hear from Him, so that we all can live the victorious life that God has promised.

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