Now Or Never
Prophetess Tenekia Hill

Prophetess Tenekia Hill is married to Marlon Hill , they have four children Kelvin, La’Marcus, Ta’kera, and Zo’ria. with the love for God , and a clear understanding of her purpose in Christ as a Prophetic voice preaching a kingdom message by sounding the alarm in the earth realm. The Lord has given Prophetess Hill a Prophetic Deliverance Ministry to heal the wounded heart, the broken in spirit, and to encourage others to step out on faith as they strive to reach their destiny in God. As you listen to her minister the word, you will notice that she demonstrates openly a heart turned toward God and is proof that the hand of the Lord is upon her life. Her Life Anthem is ” My sole purpose of living is for the Glory of God, and his kingdom established in the Earth realm”.